DT-Mobil - Mobile tanks

A series of DT-Mobile EASY mobile tanks includes specially designed, single-walled polyethylene tanks equipped with a distribution system and a lockable lid. The tanks are intended for transportation of diesel fuel.

The mobile tanks are adapted for transportation of fuel pursuant to ADR regulations. Each tank is equipped with special carrying handles and profiled spots for forklift truck forks and lifting straps.


Tank structure:

  • a hole with a 120 mm dia. cap
  • an air vent which operates automatically and does not allow any pressure to be generated in the tank, at the same time preventing the medium from escaping the tank
  • an installation hole for the fuel level indicator
  • the tank cap which is not an integral part of the tank, is embedded on steel hinges and equipped with means to use a padlock

Basic equipment

  • external self-priming pump CEMATIC 12-40 12V 40l/min, optional 24V power supply
  • immersion self-priming pump CENTRI SP 30 12V, capacity of 30 l/min

The pumps do not need to be immersed in liquid while refueling guarantee comfort in all conditions in the field.

  • 3/4” strengthened distribution hose
  • automatic refuelling nozzle with an integrated handle
  • 4-m long supply cables for the battery

Optional fittings:

  • digital flow meter
  • reel wheel
  • digital fuel level indicator - not applicable for 200 l and 210 l  
  • water separator with capacity of 980 l

Capacities of mobile tanks: 

  • DT-Mobil EASY 200 l
  • DT-Mobil EASY 210 l
  • DT-Mobil EASY 430 l
  • DT-Mobil EASY 440 l
  • DT-Mobil EASY 600 l
  • DT-Mobil EASY 980 l
  • DT-Mobil EASY PRO 980l – a double-walled steel tank with equipment as in the case of polyethylene tanks.


 Notice: Please be informed that company SWIMER is authorized to sell CEMO storage containers only on the territory of Republic of Poland.

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